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My favorite Serums for Dark Spots!!!

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Hey guys! Its my first post and I wanted to start this blog by talking about something I have been dealing with for a long time. DARK SPOTS!!! Ahh.

I was lucky enough not to have any acne problems during my teenage years, but the luck ran out and the acne bug hit me in my twenties. All I wanted to do was get rid of the acne spots (I would get one or two at a time), so I would pick at them hoping to get rid of them. WORST thing to do!!! The acne stopped after a while, but my picking habits left me with ugly dark spots all over my cheeks.

For the past few years I have tried numerous products to help me get rid of the spots. This post is about my favorite serums that have actually worked. Without further ado, here are the my top 3!

my fav serums 2

#1: Oz Naturals Vitamin C + Hyaluronic Acid 

my fav serums 3

This is the serum I’m currently using and I plan on buying more as soon as I run out. I’ve only been using this for about three weeks and in that little time I have seen amazing results. My spots have gotten lighter and my skin is brighter overall. It contains 20% organic Vitamin C, which is one of the highest contents of vitamin C in a serum I have used. I am in LOVE with this serum.

What do I love about it?
Super fast results
Its organic
Cheaper than other serums. Only $22 on amazon.
It works like magic

What I don’t like about it?
Nothing so far! {fingers crossed}

#2: Exuviance Optilight Essential 6 Serum

my fav serums 4

A lot of goodness in one little bottle. 11 potent brighteners and botanical ingredients from 7 Alpine plants. I used this serum for five months. It does what it says. My spots got lighter and no new dark spots formed, but it works very slowly! I was happy with this serum until I tried the Oz naturals. I lack patience and I want results as fast as possible.  Also, this serum is a little pricey. One bottle costs $72.

What do I love about it?
It works
Botanical ingredients

What I don’t like about it?
Slow results
The price

#3: La Roche Posay Mela-D

my fav serums 5

This serum is the least natural serum of the three. Thats one of the reasons it went down on my list. I’m all about natural products and I try to stay away from chemicals as much as I can. Now this product works wonders. It significantly lightened my spots, but I just hated putting harsh chemicals on my face. I have sensitive skin and I didn’t get any reactions when using this, so its pretty safe. It contains Glycolic Acid and Hydroxy Acid, so you wont be able to put this on during the day. Hydroxy Acid causes sun sensitivity, so this can be more harmful than beneficial if not used properly. This serum is only used at night time before going to bed. If you don’t mind chemicals, this is a great product for dark spots.

What I love about it?
Amazing fast results

What I don’t like about it?
Harsh chemicals
Can’t use it during the day

my fav serums 1

What serums have you tried and which one is your favorite?


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